March Update !

Despite the dreaded Corona Virus delaying some of my latest collections we still have lots of stock including beautiful affordable Deb Dresses.

Most of our Deb Dresses are under $500 including a starting price of $199 !
We have a HUGE range of Bridesmaids Dresses, all colors and sizes 4 to 40 catered for ! Brands include Tania Olsen, Jadore, Poseur, Les Demosielle and more.

We have a lot of Summer Stock on SALE now as well as our usual Sale racks of $20, $50 anf Half Price.

So as I have said we have a treasure trove of dresses, suiting from Grandaughters to Grandmothers and everyone in between in store, this website is a TINY look at our stock!
We have over 1000 dresses at any time !  WOW  ( Don't tell my husband !)


If you have read this far ...... I have a treat for you
Mention "don't tell my husband" and you will receive a 5% discount on top - even off new Deb Dresses and the sale racks :) Enter "HUSBAND" at checkout.

      Kylie xx



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