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March Update !

Bridesmaids Deb Dresses DISCOUNT SALE

Despite the dreaded Corona Virus delaying some of my latest collections we still have lots of stock including beautiful affordable Deb Dresses.

Most of our Deb Dresses are under $500 including a starting price of $199 !
We have a HUGE range of Bridesmaids Dresses, all colors and sizes 4 to 40 catered for ! Brands include Tania Olsen, Jadore, Poseur, Les Demosielle and more.

We have a lot of Summer Stock on SALE now as well as our usual Sale racks of $20, $50 anf Half Price.

So as I have said we have a treasure trove of dresses, suiting from Grandaughters to Grandmothers and everyone in between in store, this website is a TINY look at our stock!
We have over 1000 dresses at any time !  WOW  ( Don't tell my husband !)


If you have read this far ...... I have a treat for you
Mention "don't tell my husband" and you will receive a 5% discount on top - even off new Deb Dresses and the sale racks :)

      Kylie xx



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